25 February 2012

jasmine glock: the very negligent blogger

i'm not sure if i mentioned, but i'm horrible at internets, internet-based commitments or anything relating to the two. 

that's my excuse for the month-long shun of this here blog.

that simply being said, i've decided that i will press on with more fervor than EVER to produce a righteous and happenin' blog, since my life is full of such sort of things. [mr. glock also got a job, leaving me with plenty of time to work on my own doings.]

root cellar has been fully swinging and we're loving it. we've only had two events, but they were both profitable and enjoyable. we were also featured in msu's student run paper, the state news! [check it!] i'm excited to do so much more, hopefully with more attention than ever. i'm not only thinking friday nights, but sunday brunch? totally.

i've come so much more in touch with the fashion world again, and it's been really inspiring. i feel like i forgot my roots for a while, ashamed of the stereotypes that come with proclaiming oneself a fashionista. but this year is all about remembering ME and accepting ME and celebrating what i love. and that is food and fashion, and i'll be damned if i'm going to pretend anymore that i don't care about what is in this season on both fronts.

anyways, just wanted to catch up. i've decided i'm going to appoint different days with different devotions and inspos, hopefully making this blog thing easier on my flighty self. stay tuned!

ciao for now xoxo

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