21 January 2012


things are coming together. . .

after almost two months of boxes and questions and breaking my knickknacks, i am almost finally re-homed. a few things are out of place, but our room is looking great so far. it's become an equal opportunity space for a.j. and i to express as a unit and as individuals.

 i am quite happy with how my work space is turning out

 nap times!

i will be setting up a sewing/heavier art station in the basement, centered around this jolly green giant, a twelve dollar find at my local volunteer's of america!

in other news, the grand debut of root cellar is approaching, and upon the choice of film, scorpio rising, i decided to go with homemade veggie burgers and sweet potato fries, and vegan ice cream sandwiches. i'm still playing with the recipes, and trying to figure out what will give my veggie burger the best consistency. [tough task, really]

it's finally as if i get to start heading down my new path. action and ideas are unfurling, and more are being born. i always feel, though, that i'll never have enough motivation to tackle the vastness of my dreams. but it's a new year, with a new way, and new aspects of myself and the world are being presented in a new and impressive way.

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