03 January 2012

i'm not the world's most organized person, be it objects or ideas.
(except for my kitchen. . . must be immaculate!)
so, if i feel i have plans of any pertinence, i begin listing in my notebook,
jotting hopeful crafts and inspiring doodles to get me movin'

such a weak-looking arm, i should jot "gym membership" down, as well.

most things carry ov er from previous days;
today is most of yesterday's bidding.
but! i've been up since five with a sickening worry that someone needed me during the night (i don't know, don't ask.) and i'm already one fat cup of coffee in for the day, so i'm ready to start.

i recently moved into a big, new house with my brother. space GALORE, all ready to be crafted and styled. a big slice of this blog will be dedicated to the evolving of my house. i haven't even begun yet, due to lack of funds and motivation from feelings of displacement, but my guts are telling me this week will be the time to start, and document. (that means i get paid friday) the net has opened me up to like-minded stylish blogger babes who are giving me loads of diy-deas and inspiration. i simply can't wait to make this place feel cozy with afgans and flowers, well-loved thrift store furniture, and lovely things handmade from scrap textile. i am so, so paining for the feeling of "home". 

could you not just picture yourself so warm and safe in a surf shack style house?

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