02 January 2012

here it is, here i am.

the first month of the new year is always such an intense one; we all want to meet those expectations, complete those projects, conjure the old ideas we find again worth thinking about.
and such is my life; loose ends of little bits of multi-colored thread dangled and tangled in a ball in my closet.
but 2012, you mean business! i feel it!
this is the year of self, of completion, of creation.
the gathering of all of our strings to be sewn into something fabulous.
so here i stand (lay on my floor, rather) with all of my strings
fabric scraps
lost and found ideas
and i bring them here to manifest into what it may,
if nothing more than just organization of a creative brain.
no promises, no objective,
just free-style inspiration, creation, and idea flow
bring it on, new year

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