05 January 2012


underground vegan/vegetarian restaurant
donation based
cooking classes, brunch, weekend dinners
"root cellar"

a.j. and i have been toying with the idea of starting me a speakeasy-style cafe in our home (humhaus) where i can cook anything from hearty vegetarian breakfast to dainty vegan pastries. "root cellar" was just sort of a fantasy, but it is now coming into fruition. humhaus will also feature projected films, live music and other local talents, acting at a community stew of artistry. steps are being taken and words are being exchanged, and it's all coming to a point of real action. stay tuned for continuing updates and developments on "root cellar".

check out oatmeal 9 ways from a beautiful mess! an oatmeal bar would be an awesome part of sunday brunch.

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